Geberit Monolith

The Geberit Monolith turns any bathroom into a designer bathroom. The innovative sanitary module conceals the toilet tank behind a tempered glass plate and brings a modern feel to any space. We are proud to announce that this elegant alternative to the traditional toilet is available at Lutz today.

Stiebel Eltron Fan Heater

Elegant surface-mount design is perfect anywhere quick heat is needed. Designed and made in Germany, the
heater is quiet during operation and will quickly warm an area or maintain a comfortable temperature.


California Faucets ZeroDrain

ZeroDrain sets a new sink drain standard for mid-level to luxury baths that is as easy to look at, as it is to use. A one-finger touch is all that is needed to “pop-down” the stopper into the closed position and allow water to fill the sink. (more…)

Remodeling the Bathroom? Consider Channel Drains

Channel drains are not just a new trend in plumbing, they are quickly becoming a standard procedure in a bathroom remodel. This article is not about bathroom design, however, it is about plumbing and how channel drains can benefit the health of you and your family. That’s right, not only do these drains replace the old, circular tub and/or shower drain your great-great-grandparents had (and that most plumbers and designers have a hard time moving away from), but they also provide you and yours with hygienic benefits not often considered by consumers.