Remodeling the Bathroom? Consider Channel Drains

Channel drains are not just a new trend in plumbing, they are quickly becoming a standard procedure in a bathroom remodel. This article is not about bathroom design, however, it is about plumbing and how channel drains can benefit the health of you and your family. That’s right, not only do these drains replace the old, circular tub and/or shower drain your great-great-grandparents had (and that most plumbers and designers have a hard time moving away from), but they also provide you and yours with hygienic benefits not often considered by consumers.

The design of such drains allow for faster draining of water and that higher flow rate through the drain produces hygienic advantages compared to the standard drain your plumber or bathroom designer recommends. It results in less condensation that would occur in your bathroom if there was standing water that has not drained yet. Also, since there is less standing water in your shower and drain, the probability of mold and mildew developing is significantly decreased. In a climate such as San Francisco, the hygienic design element of a channel drain is the best approach to a solution from a plumbing perspective, not to mention they give your bathroom an elegant look that will make it stand out from all others. They are customizable and come in a wide range of colors, styles, and draining methods. Some manufacturers, such as Quartz by ACO , offer the option to illuminate your shower drain with water-activated LED lights. If you are remodeling, ask your plumber or designer to show you some options. Installation is easy and actually lessens the cost of tiling a bathroom floor since it will take up more space on your shower floor.  A clean, simple look that maximizes comfort and adds a certain harmony to your bathroom unattainable with the traditional drains we are all used to.

Featured channel drains:

Quartz by ACO

Cera Line from California Faucets